Jessica Bennett is an independent curator based between Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool. Her current research and curatorial practice seeks to explore how we traverse, and work within the conditions of contemporary society ~ using notions of exchange, collectivity and connectivity as filters through which to better understand a future built on sustainability and solidarity. 


Bennett's practice is rooted firmly within the artist-led; finding solace in spaces that allow for urgent critical questions an ideas to emerge.  She is fascinated with alternative curatorial methods, working to understand and examine the exhibition space as an engaging and participatory space for artistic research. 


Since obtaining an MA in Creative and Cultural Industries Management (2017),  Bennett has worked with key organisations in the UK, such as The NewBridge Project, System Gallery and recently new Manchester based project PINK, to devise and deliver projects that expand contemporary issues and dialogues. Bennett recently underwent a research project, travelling to Copenhagen to partake in the 4th iteration of The Curatorial Thing: The Curator is Weather, a curatorial research programme by SixtyEight Art Institute. 

Bennett is currently the Associate Curator for PINK in Manchester, as well as working with The Newbridge Project as a member of their Programme Commitee.